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What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a material made of ceramic which has been used in the construction of buildings and for decorative arts from the beginning of time in various different cultures throughout the globe. The word literally translates to “baked earth,” which is made of natural clay. This has a distinctive reddish-brown shade. The color is slightly different based on the clay employed. Terracotta is glazed to give more durability or color. It is waterproof and extremely durable material and many sculptures that were made out of it remain in good condition.

Benefits of Clay pots cooking

  • Because Clay is naturally alkaline, when food is cooked it balances the PH of food and serves as an effective detox. It will surprise you to learn that mud is a source of every vitamin that is possible; for instance, Vitamin B12.
  • The main health benefits of clay-based cooking are its capacity for steam to be circulated throughout the cooking process. This gives you plenty of moisture. This means cooking can be done using less fat and oil.
  • Reheating the food will always lead to the loss of nutrition, however when you cook it in a clay pan, it maintains the temperature for a longer period of time, and it is not a problem to reheat.
  • Slow cooking preserves all the nutrients in the food cooks, and the food tastes better.

Maintenance of terracotta utensils

Clay is porous. You can’t clean it with detergents for dishwashing or soap. The soap will absorb into the clay before ending in a slurry that will be absorbed into the next dish that you prepare in your pot. It is better to clean the clay using warm water as well as a tough brush. Baking soda can be used to get rid of odors, particularly in the case of cooking with garlic and onion. To get rid of stubborn stains, place rock salt on a scrub pad and gently scrub it. Then, fill the container with warm water and let it sit for about half an hour. Rinse the pot and then clean it up again.

One tip is when you intend to use your pots to prepare both sweet and savory dishes, and you have the capacity to store them, you may need to buy two pots in order that flavors that are absorbed won’t alter the flavor of your dish.

Controlling the temperature of terracotta utensils

To cook on the stove, start at low heat, and then a gradual increase in temperature typically maintaining a medium temperature or less. Rapid rise or decrease of the temperature could lead to cracking.

Do not put hot clay on a cool or cold surface, because it may crack. Therefore, when you take the hot clay pot out of the oven, put it on a wood trivet that is heat-resistant or an absorbent towel.

To cook in the oven the oven doesn’t require preheating. Instead, put the clay in an oven with a cold temperature and allow the temperature to slowly rise.

If your mud pot burns with high heat, it is recommended to dispose of the mud pan and look for a different one as the same smell persists with the other dishes you cook in this same pot. Here you can find a wide range of Terracotta Utensils.