Red Lentil

Product Red Lentil
Binomial Name
Lens culinaris
9 g
Calories 116, Total Carbohydrate 20 g, Dietary fiber 8 g
Magnesium, Cobalamin


  • Masoor dal is a significant component of the diet in all parts of the world, particularly in the Indian subcontinent which has a huge number of vegetarians. The seeds have a brief cooking time (especially for smaller varieties with the husk removed, like the typical red lentil) and have a distinct earthy taste.
  • Red Lentils consist of Polyphenols. Polyphenols are active substances which fight various harmful substances in your body. They shield you from UV radiation, radiation heart disease, cancer, and so on.
  • With 26 per cent protein content, lentils boast the third highest level of protein in weight of any plant-based food, following hemp and soybeans.
  • They are also beneficial food sources of fibre. Fibre is crucial to having an efficient digestive system. It is can be beneficial for weight loss.
  • They are a great food source of Iron. Iron is crucial for keeping oxygen flowing through your entire body.
  • Masoor Dal is most likely the most widely used Dal across India. It is the split lentil that is without skin and is red in hue.

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