Chilli refers to the dried, ripe fruit of the genus Capsicum. Capsicum Annuum is an an annual subshrub. The flowers are usually single and the fruits are often pendent. It provides red peppers and cayenne as well as sweet pepper (bell pepper), a mild variety with large, inflating fruits.

Capsicum frutescence is a perennial cold with small pods that are pungent. It is also known as “bird chilly” and “Tabasco”.


Dry chilly is widely used in curried dishes as a spice. It can also be used in seasonings and curry powder. It is used to make Tabasco sauce and pepper sauce. For colour extraction, paprika, Warangal chapatta, Bydagi chilly and other high-colourless pungent varieties are used extensively. Because this colour is a natural plant colour, it is very popular with food and beverage processors. It is also used in medicine to counter-irritate Neuralgia, Lumbago and Rheumatic diseases. Capsicum is a tonic, carminative and calming herb. If taken in excess, it can cause gastro-enteritis. Certain types of cancers can be treated with the enzyme taken from chilly. The pain relief and vapour rubs are made from oleoresin capsicum. Vitamin ‘c can be found in dehydrated green chilly.

Foreign names

Spanish : Pimenton

French : Puvre de Guinee

German : Paprika

Arabic : Filfil Ahmar

Dutch : Spaanse Peper

Italian : Peperone

Portuguese : Pimento

Russian : Struchkovy pyeret

Japanese : Togarashi

Chinese : Hesiung Yali chiao

British : Chillies(Hot) Pepper(Sweet)

Varieties Birds Eye Chilli Byadagi Ellachipur Sannam-S4 Guntur Sannam-S4 Hindpur-S7 Jwala Kanthari White Kashmir Chilli M.P G.T Sannam
Blood red color, highly pungent
Red in color with less pungency or without pungency
Reddish in color and very hot
Skin thick, hot and red
Red in color, hot and highly pungent
Highly pungent, light red in color, short and the seeds are compact
Short and ivory white in color with high pungency
Long, fleshy, deep red in color
Red in color and pungent
ASTA color value
0.589 %
0.2 %
0.226 %
0.24 %
0.4 %
0.504 %
0.325 %

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