Other Spices

The ingredients of Indian cuisine have been renowned for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture for centuries. Indian spices have been extremely popular worldwide for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture.

  • Spices play a vital role in perfumery as oleoresins and spice oils contribute to the fragrance industry. They can also be used as antioxidants and antimicrobials in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • As aromatic substances of vegetable origin, spices are derived from the roots, barks, leaves, and stems of certain plants and are valued for their distinctive color, flavors, and aromas. Spices serve as an essential component of cooking and flavoring.
  • Historically, India has been at the forefront of the race to export spices. The country leads in production and their exports of different spices and products have been on an upward trend for several years.
  • India exports and produces approximately 75 types of the 109 types listed by the International Organization for Standardization. It is therefore known as the “home of spices” because of its large variety of spices.
  • There are many health benefits to spices and many nutritional values. We are dedicating ourselves to making Indian culture and the unique spices of India available to the entire world.
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