Green Gram

  • Green gram is a protein source for vegetarians in the nation. It is a protein-rich and essential food. It is a staple food that contains around 25% protein, nearly three times the amount of cereals. It is consumed as a split pulse and the whole pulse.
  • It is also known as the Green Gram or moong bean (also known as mung, or golden Gram) is the fruit from Vigna radiata. It is among the most important pulse crops in India.
  • The Moong Bean is the seeds of Vigna radiate which is native to India. The beans are tiny oval in shape and are green in colour. They are typically eaten whole (with and without the skin) and also as beans sprouts in a raw, soaked or cooked form. Moong beans are utilized for making soups, salads curry, salads, and other delicious dishes.
Product Green Gram
12% Max
0.5% Max
99.7% Min
Foreign Matter
0.3% Max
Machine Cleaned
25Kgs | 50Kgs Jute, HDPE, PP Bags or As Per Buyer's Requirement

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