The ginger of commerce stem is dried and underground of the tropical herbaceous plant that is grown in the form of an annual. The entire plant is refreshingly aromatic, and the underground rhizome, whether raw or processed regarded as a spice. Ginger is a slim perennial herb that is 30 to 50 cm tall, with a palmately branched the rhizome that bears leafy shoots. This leafy plant is formed by the leaf sheath. It has up to 12 distichous leaves.


Fresh ginger powder, dry ginger as well as oil, oleoresin, and dry ginger are utilized for food processing. It is vital for the production of confectionery, gingerbread and ginger ale. It is also used in the production of curry powders, some curried meats as well as condiments for tables, pickling as well as in the making of specific cordials, ginger cocktails carbonate drinks, liquors, and liquors, etc. In the medical field it is utilized to treat carminatives and as a stimulant. There are many other uses for it in indigenous medicine. The oil of ginger is used as a flavouring for food in soft drinks.

foreign names

Spanish : Jengibre

French : Gingembre

German : Ingwer

Swedish : Ingefara

Arabic : Zanjabil

Dutch : Gember

Italian : Zenzero

Portuguese : Gengibre

Russian : Imbir

Japanese : Shoga

Chinese : Chiang

Product Dry Ginger
Parts used
Yellowish Brown
Extraneous matter
2 % Max
13 % Max
Total ash
8 % Max
Volatile oil
1 % Min. (ML/100 gm)

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