Fenugreek seed is the mature fruit of an annual herb. The robust plant has mild green leaves, stands 30-60cm tall and produces thin, beaked pods of 10-15 cm in length and containing 10-20 tiny, hard brownish-yellow seeds which are smooth and oblong around 3mm in length. They are is slit across one corner and giving them a hooked appearance.


Fenugreek can be used as a food additive as well in medicine. Freshly tender leaves, pods and shoots are consumed as a curry vegetable. As for spices, they enhance the flavour of food items. The dried leaves powder can also be used to garnish and flavoring many varieties of foods. Fenugreek extract is utilized as a flavoring agent in fake maple syrup. It is among the primary ingredients of curry powder. The seeds are utilized in dysentery, dysentery diarrhoea, dyspepsia and diarrhea chronic cough, enlargement of the spleen and liver Gout, rickets, and diabetes. It also serves as a carminative, a tonic and an aphrodisiac. Fenugreek oil is utilized to make hair tonics.

foreign names

Spanish : Alholva

French : Fenugrec

German : Bockshorklee

Swedish : Bockshornklee

Arabic : Hulba

Dutch : Fenegriek

Italian : Fieno Greco

Portuguese : Alforva

Russian : Pazhitnik

Japanese : Koroha

Chinese : K’u – Tou

Product Fenugreek Seeds
Sortex / Machine cleaned
99.5 % / 99 % / 98 %
Total ash
9.5 % Max
Acid insoluble ash
1.25 % Max
6 % Max
Absent / 25 gms

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