Fennel Seeds

Fennel is a biennial fragrant, robust and glabrous plant that is 1.5 or 1.8 meters in height. The fruit that is ripe (seed) is tiny oval, cylindrical, 6.8mm long Straight or slightly curly and greenish-yellow, with deep furrows five ridged, and has a pleasant aroma.


The fennel’s leaves are used to garnish dishes. The stalks and leaves are also used in salads. It is a key element in Italian sausages and is often sprinkled on pizza. Dry fruits are scented with a pleasant smell and a pleasant aroma which makes them ideal for use for mastication. They can also be used to flavour soups and meals, sauces and sweets as well as confectionaries and liquors. The fruit is an aromatic stimulant, carminative and stimulating.

foreign names

Spanish : Hinojo

French : Fenouil

German : Fenchel

Swedish : Fankal

Arabic : Shamar

Dutch : Venkel

Italian : Finocchio

Portuguese : Funcho

Russian : Fyenkhel

Japanese : Uikyo

Chinese : Hui-Hsiang

Product Fennel Seed
Sortex / Machine cleaned
Extraneous foreign matter
0.50 % Max
Excreta others
5 mg / Lb Max
1 % Max
Total ash
10 % Max
Acid insoluble ash
1.25 % Max
Absent / 25 gms
10 % Max

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