Cow pea / black eye beans

  • Cowpeas are used as a vegetable and also as a grain. Dry pulses are cooked along with vegetables to create a rich soup.
  • Black-eyed beans also referred to as cowpea, are pale-coloured with a noticeable black spot. The white-coloured seeds have a black, purple or pink eye that is arranged in the middle of the hilum. The seeds aren’t tightly packed or packed tightly in the pod and are kidney-shaped or oblong. Black-eyed Peas are good sources of calcium (211 mg in a one-cup serving) as well as folate (209mcg) and vitamin A (1,305 IU) in addition to other nutrients.
Product Cow Pea
Binomial name
Vigna Unguiculata
Foreign Matter
1.00% Max
Weevilled Seeds
3.00% Max
1.00% Max
3.00% Max
25Kgs | 50Kgs Jute, HDPE, PP Bags or As Per Buyer's Requirement

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