Coriander seeds

Coriander is a major plant that plays a major role in enhancing the flavour of food items. It is a short plant that is bushy, ranging from 25 cm to 50 centimetres tall with numerous umbels and branches. Leaves are compound, alternate. The entire plant has a pleasant scent. It is an inflorescence, a compound comprised of five smaller umbels. Fruits are globular, about 3-4 millimetres in diameter. When pressed, they break it into two separate loots, each one with a single seed. The fruit is scented with a subtle scent; the seeds are white or light brown in color.

Two distinct morphological varieties of plants, one tall and erect with a stronger main shoot, and the other more bushy with a less main shoot as well as longer spreading branches.


The young plant is utilized for flavouring and garnishing soups and curries. Fruits (seeds) are extensively used for condiments and sauces, with roasting or without in the making of sausages, curry powders and seasonings. It is a key ingredient in the manufacturing of flavourings for food and meat products, bakery products such as soda and syrups as well as puddings, alcohols and candy preserves. In the field of medicine, it’s employed as a carminative diuretic, refrigerant and also as an aphrodisiac. In the home, it is used to treat seasonal fever, stomach ailments nausea, and stomach problems. Oleoresins and coriander oil are used to flavour the seasonings for sausages as well as different meat items.

foreign names

Spanish : Cilantro

French : Corriandre

German : Koriander

Swedish : Koriander

Arabic : Kuzhbare

Dutch : Koriander

Portuguese : Coentro

Russian : Koriandr

Japanese : Koendoro

Chinese : Hu-sui

Product Coriander Seeds
Seed whole and splits
99 %
9 % Max
1 % Max
Immature Seed
3 % Max
3 % Max
Total ash
10 % Max
Acid insoluble ash
1.25 % Max

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