The clove of commerce refers to an unopened, air-dried flower bud from an evergreen medium-sized tree. It can grow to 10-12 meters in height and begins flowering within 7 years. It can continue to produce flower buds for up to 80 years. It is an important spice in the orient. When the buds have developed with a strong pink flush, the clove clusters can be picked by hand. Then they are dried in the sun for several days. Essential oil is extracted from unopened flower stalks, leaves, and buds.

Foreign names

Arabic : Kabsh ,Qarunfil

Chinese : Ding xiang

French : Clou de girofle

Indonesian : Cengkeh

German : Nelke

Product Clove
Well dried and standard
Reddish brown
< 12 %
3 - 5 %
Baby cloves
2 %
Headless cloves
3 % Max
Odd matters
0 %
Metallic content
50 kg Jute Bag, 25 kg Carton box or As Per Buyer's Requirement

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