Carom / Bishop's Weed

A glabrous, erect or tiny pubescent, branched, annual. Stems have striations, the leaves are quite distant, with a 2-pinnately split and the segments are linear. The flowers are found in terminal or a little lateral pedunculate, compound umbels which are white and small. the fruit is ovoid, aromatic cremocarps with a muricate appearance, greyish brown. The mericarps which are the primary components of the fruits, are compressed with distinct ridges and a tubercular surface. It is a single-seeded.


Carom Seeds typically used to treat digestion problems that ease stomach discomfort caused by indigestion and is antiseptic. In the southern part of India dry Ajwain seeds are pulverized and soaked in milk which is later filtered and fed to infants. It is believed that it eases colic in infants and also enhances digestion and appetite.

Foreign names

Latin : Trachy Spermum Ammi

Persian : Zinian, Nankhwah

Arabic : Kamme Muluki

Product Carom / Bishop's Weed
Machine cleaned
99 %
Total ash
9.5 % Max
Acid insoluble ash
1.75 %
10 % Max
Absent / 25 gms

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