Asafoetida is dried latex (gum oil) exuded by the living underground rhizome taproot of a variety that belongs to Ferula (three that thrive in India). It is a perennial plant (1 to 1.5 millimeters. High).
Asafoetida is bitter and acrid in flavor and has an unpleasant, pungent smell because of the presence of sulfur compounds in it. The light or white version is water-soluble, while the darker or black version is oil-soluble. Because pure asafoetida cannot be appreciated because of its strong taste, it is blended with gum and starch and sold as compounded, typically in brick form. It is also available in liquid form (Powder form) or tablet forms.

Foreign Name of Spices

English : Devil’s dung

Persian : Angustha-Gandha

French : Ferule

German : Stinkendes steckenkraut

Arabic : Tyib, Haltheeth

Sinhalese : Perumkayam

Product Asafoetida
67.8 %
16 %
4 %
1.1 %
7 %
4.1 %
  • Per 100 gm of Asafoetida

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