arabica vs robusta beans

Arabica Vs Robusta Beans

Differences Between Robusta And Arabica Beans

The coffee family comprises four kinds: Robusta, Arabica, and the less well-known Liberica and Excelsa.

Arabica coffee comes using beans that are harvested from Coffea Arabica Plant whereas Robusta coffee is brewed using the beans of the coffee Canephora Plant.

Arabica is prone to pests and diseases like White Stem Borer, leaf rust, etc. it also needs more shade than Robusta

Robusta is more resistant to pests than other varieties of coffee and can grow at lower altitudes. Robusta’s coffee plants are invulnerable to pests, insects, and extreme weather conditions.

Area Of Cultivation

Arabica grows at higher elevations than Robusta. The cool and stable temperature of 150C and 250C is ideal for Arabica, and for Robusta humid and hot climate with 200C-300C is acceptable.

The tropical climates are favorable for Arabica coffee plants. The top Arabica coffee is sourced from countries such as Brazil, India, Guatemala, and Colombia that are among the most prolific producer of Arabica coffee around the world. Arabica coffee thrives at higher altitudes that’s why it’s usually located on hillsides.

The harvest for Arabica is from November and January, whereas for Robusta, it’s from December until February.

Taste, Aroma, And Acidity Level Of Arabica And Robusta

  • A high quality Arabica will provide you with a sweeter flavor. Robusta is a robust and bitter choice.
  • Robusta beans have more caffeine than sugar and less focus on their processing.
  • Arabica beans are soft and sweet, with some hints of fruit and berries.
  • Robusta beans have 1.7-2.5 percent of caffeine. Arabica beans contain 0.8%-1.4% caffeine. Robusta is bitter due to this.

Weather Conditions And Resistance

Robusta as a plant, can be more resilient than Arabica to diseases and parasites. Robusta is resistant to extreme temperature and exposure to the sun. Robusta is, therefore, more affordable to make. The next step is to wash and process the beans. High-quality Robusta coffee could be superior to less expensive Arabica.

India is the first nation to grow Arabica’s and records from the 17th century. However, Robusta born varieties currently surpass Arabica production in India.

Differentiation Between Sizes And Shapes

Robusta beans are generally smaller and flatter in comparison to Arabica beans. Robusta beans are the larger body that is more squat and round, whereas Arabica beans are larger and more round.

Arabica And Robusta Pricing

Robusta is less expensive than Arabica because they are easier to maintain. It is vital to note that Robusta is usually considered less good than Arabica despite their connection. While good roasters rarely mix both varieties, you can still create espresso using both. Robusta produces a superior crema than Arabica. There are also Robusta’s in blends and instant coffees.

Certain regions can cultivate both Robusta as well as Arabica beans. They are located in India’s hills (Kodagu as well as Chikkamagaluru), Kerala (Malabar region) as well as Tamil Nadu (” Nilgris District,” Yercaud, and Kodaikanal).

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